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Benefits of CARGOCLUB for freight forwarders

Lots of cargo and transport There are many cargo owners and carriers registered on the freight exchange – your potential partners. Register to collaborate with the best of the lot!
Easy to place cargo and transport Place cargo and transport – without restrictions or difficulties. We assure you, logistics have never been so simple.
Optimally plan your cargo space Thanks to the built-in Load Planner constructor, you can easily calculate the loading meters, saving valuable working time.
Rating of counterparties We provide all important legal information about the counterparty before the start of cooperation, helping you in choosing the most responsible partners who contribute to the greatest earnings.
Easy search for partners The exchange will help you find proven and effective partners in logistics thanks to its extensive internal database. Communicate with them directly, leave and receive reviews from real people.
Start using all the benefits for free We invite you to get acquainted with the functionality of the exchange in practice – and give you 3 free months of work.
Experience for yourself what the unified digital logistics is – and we are sure that you will no longer want to work differently
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How does the service work?
Simply and easily! Namely:

1. Set parameters in the cargo or transport information window The classic principle is that the more parameters you set, the faster and more accurately the system will select options.
2. Explore all available options Select cargo or transport according to suitable parameters from those who responded to the order, or from a search within the exchange. Contact directly to clarify arrangements.
3. Get complete information about the counterparty before starting cooperation From the built-in third-party service, you can find out all the legal information about the counterparty, its fleet, activities, account status, and also receive feedback on working with it.
4. Coordinate transportation Immediately after checking the counterparty, you can safely enter into an agreement for cargo transportation by sending documentation within CARGOCLUB.
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For forwarders

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