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Benefits of CARGOCLUB for carriers

CARGOCLUB is an online platform for effective interaction between business partners in the field of logistics. For carriers, this is primarily a cargo exchange – new cargo from Russia, Europe and the CIS countries are posted on the portal every day. Here you can find reliable partners and automate your logistics system. The platform offers you not only search and selection of cargo, but also a wide range of functionality for checking counterparties and simple communication with them.

Lots of cargo
from different countries
There are many cargo owners and forwarders registered on the freight exchange – your potential partners. Register to collaborate with the best of many!
Favorable rates Receive orders at favorable rates so that each of the participants in the process on the freight exchange can earn money while developing their business.
Easy to load the car We solve the problem of loading a car, offering you to choose a suitable load almost anywhere on the Eurasian continent.
Placing an order
using templates
Special functionality will save the time you spent searching for the necessary documents. This is especially true for developing projects.
Direct contact with the cargo owner Communicate directly with the cargo owner, without unnecessary intermediaries. CARGOCLUB provides you with a comfortable space and favorable conditions, but does not interfere in business processes.

Negotiate, leave and receive reviews from real people.
Start using all the benefits for free We invite you to get acquainted with the functionality of the exchange in practice – and give you 3 free months of work.
Experience for yourself what the unified digital logistics is – and we are sure that you will no longer want to work differently
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Как работает сервис поиска грузов?

Using our site is very simple and understandable even for ordinary drivers without such experience. All developments were carried out with the participation of experts in the field of logistics. Proceed according to the following instructions:

1. Set parameters in the search window The classic principle of searching by filter – the more parameters you specify, the more accurately the system will select the cargo for you.
2. Explore available orders and choose the one that suits you The order window contains all the necessary information – the user’s legal name, rating, contact information, information about the cargo.
3. Contact contractors directly In case of respond to an offer, you will have access to a personal chat with the cargo owner, as well as personal contacts – and will be able, for example, to call the counterparty.
4. Get complete information about your partner
before starting cooperation
Using the platform, you can find out information about the counterparty, cargo, and also receive feedback on working with him.

Поиск грузов в CARGOCLUB

  • LoadingRU, 101000, г. Москва15.04.2024
  • UnloadingGE, г. Тбилиси22.04.2024
  • Cargo information10 t, КормаLDM: 8 m
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  • LoadingLV, LV-1001, г. Рига15.04.2024
  • UnloadingRU, 142100, г. Подольск22.04.2024
  • Cargo information20 t, тнпLDM: 13 m
  • Найти груз
  • LoadingRU, 390000, г. Рязань15.04.2024
  • UnloadingBY, 220050, г. Минск22.04.2024
  • Cargo information10 t, тнпLDM: 13 m
  • Найти груз
  • LoadingKZ, L01P5F7, г. Уральск16.04.2024
  • UnloadingPL, 80-846, г. Гданьск20.04.2024
  • Cargo information22 t, тнп
  • Найти груз
  • LoadingPL, 97-300, г. Пётркув-Трыбунальский15.04.2024
  • UnloadingBY, 231500, г. Щучин18.04.2024
  • Cargo information10 t, рассадаLDM: 13,6 m
  • Найти груз
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