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CARGOCLUB is a modern freight exchange that simplifies logistics for all participants of the process: forwarders, cargo owners, carriers, warehouse users and customs brokers.

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Current loads in CARGOCLUB

  • LoadingRU, 101000, г. Москва15.04.2024
  • UnloadingGE, г. Тбилиси22.04.2024
  • Cargo information10 t, КормаLDM: 8 m
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  • LoadingLV, LV-1001, г. Рига15.04.2024
  • UnloadingRU, 142100, г. Подольск22.04.2024
  • Cargo information20 t, тнпLDM: 13 m
  • more
  • LoadingRU, 390000, г. Рязань15.04.2024
  • UnloadingBY, 220050, г. Минск22.04.2024
  • Cargo information10 t, тнпLDM: 13 m
  • more
  • LoadingKZ, L01P5F7, г. Уральск16.04.2024
  • UnloadingPL, 80-846, г. Гданьск20.04.2024
  • Cargo information22 t, тнп
  • more
  • LoadingPL, 97-300, г. Пётркув-Трыбунальский15.04.2024
  • UnloadingBY, 231500, г. Щучин18.04.2024
  • Cargo information10 t, рассадаLDM: 13,6 m
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